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  1. Adelaide Insurance Builders Pty Ltd ABN 38 140 212 086 (AIB) maintains a panel of contractors.  An applicant's admission to and remaining on that panel is at AIB's discretion. 
  2. Admission to the panel is not an assurance of a contractor being awarded any volume, value or frequency of work.  A contractor remains free to work for other persons. 
  3. At any time/s, AIB may offer work to a contractor, which offer may be oral or written.  An offer would detail:
    1. the kind, location and time for delivery of the services it requires;
    2. any unusual circumstances pertaining to those services known to AIB;
    3. the service charge payable by AIB for those services (before GST) (likely the subject of a quote first obtained from that contractor);
    4. if at that time AIB has issued or then issues other offers to the contractor yet to complete, any priority of one over the other.
  4. A contractor accepts an offer either by so informing AIB, or by starting the work offered.  A contractor may decline any offer.
  5. Subject to the express terms of an offer as to any start and finish time for the work, a contractor has discretion as to when and how to complete the work the subject of that offer.
  6. A contractor must raise with AIB any queries concerning an offer or the services it requires before starting the work.  If, during the work, anything becomes known to the contractor that would impact adversely the delivery of the work, or that the contractor believes should see the service charge revised, the contractor must inform AIB for a consensus on the way forward.
  7. A contractor must provide their own tools / test equipment / safety equipment.
  8. A contractor is free to subcontract any of the work, but remains liable to AIB for proper delivery of that work.
  9. Upon completion of work, the contractor must submit to AIB:
    1. confirmation the work is complete;
    2. an invoice (tax invoice if the contractor claims for GST);
    3. A Job Safety Analysis;
    4. Before and after photos of works completed.
  10. If a contractor is an individual (or partnership of individuals), the individual does not become an employee of AIB for any purpose – including any remuneration / leave entitlements to which an employee would be entitled, worker's compensation, PAYG withholding for income tax, superannuation guarantee, payroll tax.  AIB recommends that such individual maintain income protection insurance, and ensure their income tax is paid.  The individual should inform AIB if their work for AIB is likely to exceed 50% of the individual's financial year turnover.
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